Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Looking into the family tree

My Great and Great  Great Grandfathers in front of the Great x2's Brewery Kegs John Beck x2 and Augustus Zemke x1

Delivery System

Becks Brewery
Becks Tavern 1923

One of Great x2 Houses

Elizabeth Rakowski Zempke, 1854 - 1925,My Great x2 Grandmother, Augustes's Mother
The church in Brusy Germany where many of my ancestors were baptized

Myself, my brother Chip and sister Deanna
The 3 musketeers

My son Corey
My son Nikolas

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Wondering what to do tomorrow?

Isn't nature wonderful

The best blogger!

Wow - Still no members! I shouldn't be shocked. I haven't sent anybody the address that I know. I sorta like the freedom that comes with not being read by the people I know. I need to get some followers though so I am not just talking in the wind. I would like to form some sort of a group for people who are in the same boat as I am. I will add some recipes and pictures of some of the other things I do to stay busy. I would like to find out what other ladies do with their time on a very limited budget?

Friday, March 30, 2012

So it's another Friday night alone. I am watching old movies and trying not to get morose. I would really like to have a friend who is single to hang out with or meet a nice man, my boys just grew up too quick. Some times are just harder being alone than others. I am looking for a part time job - that would get me out some, no luck so far.

The sun is shining

Working on this for my mom - calling it Funky Birds Quilt

Made this for my son Corey (he designed it)

This is the first quilt I completed, I made it for my sister Deanna.

I made this for my son Nikolas for his 20th birthday.

I made this baby quilt just because I liked the pattern.
The sun is shining but it's cold outside. I am a summer person. Can't wait for the 80+ temps. Got my mega millions ticket today. This is only like the second time in my life I've bought one. Wish me luck I could sure use more regular income! I just started quilting in June or July of 2011.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My biggest fan - Brook - My 4 year old Pomeranian.

The quilt I gave my mom for Christmas.

Shapes I hand quilted into this quilt.

In use at mom's house
Woohooo! I have no followers. This frees me to say whatever the heck I want to with no chance of annoying anybody. One of the things I do to use my time is quilting. I started quilting June or July 2011.

Good Morning Peeps

I realize this is probably going to be like my funeral, you know so small you should have it around the kitchen table and save the money. I am going to try to have some fun with this and at least amuse myself and use up some of the endless supply of time I seem to have to fill these days.