Friday, March 30, 2012

So it's another Friday night alone. I am watching old movies and trying not to get morose. I would really like to have a friend who is single to hang out with or meet a nice man, my boys just grew up too quick. Some times are just harder being alone than others. I am looking for a part time job - that would get me out some, no luck so far.

The sun is shining

Working on this for my mom - calling it Funky Birds Quilt

Made this for my son Corey (he designed it)

This is the first quilt I completed, I made it for my sister Deanna.

I made this for my son Nikolas for his 20th birthday.

I made this baby quilt just because I liked the pattern.
The sun is shining but it's cold outside. I am a summer person. Can't wait for the 80+ temps. Got my mega millions ticket today. This is only like the second time in my life I've bought one. Wish me luck I could sure use more regular income! I just started quilting in June or July of 2011.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My biggest fan - Brook - My 4 year old Pomeranian.

The quilt I gave my mom for Christmas.

Shapes I hand quilted into this quilt.

In use at mom's house
Woohooo! I have no followers. This frees me to say whatever the heck I want to with no chance of annoying anybody. One of the things I do to use my time is quilting. I started quilting June or July 2011.

Good Morning Peeps

I realize this is probably going to be like my funeral, you know so small you should have it around the kitchen table and save the money. I am going to try to have some fun with this and at least amuse myself and use up some of the endless supply of time I seem to have to fill these days.